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What qualifies as an emergency expense

What Qualifies as an Emergency Expense?

For many Americans, emergency expenses don’t have a definition. They have an emotion. You know an emergency …

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should you keep your emergency fund in a CD?

Should You Keep Your Emergency Fund in a CD?

We all get the jist of an emergency fund. You put money aside, ideally enough to cover …

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Shocked by debt settlement scam

How to Spot a Debt Settlement Scam

Facing mounds of debt brings out the most painful emotions: fear, despair, anxiety. And when you’re stuck …

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How poor health is costing your business

Poor Health is Costing Your Business. Here’s What To Do.

In case you haven’t noticed, healthcare is expensive, and many employees are choosing to live in poor …

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an image of a person wondering if financial benefits can lower employee turnover

Can Financial Benefits Lower Employee Turnover?

In the good ol’ days, all you needed was a 401(k) or pension, a health insurance package, …

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