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Growing up, I watched my closest friend’s family break under the weight of a heavy financial burden. I sat helpless as the smart and ambitious person I knew best in this world, turned to dangerous coping mechanisms in the wake of his parent’s divorce. It was in this moment, decades ago, when I knew I had to do something to help.
Throughout my career, I’ve seen well-paid people struggle with finances and fall into a cycle of debt. I have witnessed co-workers and friends take out high-risk payday loans and advances because they were made to believe it was their only option. I’ve watched more families crumble, lives destroyed, and relationships end, all because of money.
While I wasn’t able to help my friend all those years ago, I founded Stately Credit so others could safely get the financial support and education they need. Our salary-linked loan program is a no-cost benefit to employers and allows American employees to access safe and affordable loans without relying on high interest credit cards, dipping into retirement funds early, or dangerous payday loans.
As much as I wish that this type of service was available decades ago, I’m proud that Stately Credit is able to help countless individuals, families, and businesses moving forward.
“Our world can be different if we are not indifferent.” Best
Shanzaib “Zaib” Khan Malik
Founder & CEO

Shanzaib “Zaib” Malik

Founder & CEO


To enhance the financial wellbeing of millions of individuals, families, and businesses throughout the United States.

Get to Know Us

Shanzaib Khan Malik, also known as Zaib, is the founder and CEO of Stately Credit—a Texas-based fintech startup committed to bridging the gap between business and social responsibility.

Performing a wide range of tasks such as credit risk analysis, marketing, sales, origination, and collection—there’s nothing this social entrepreneur won’t do to help people reach their financial goals.
Having spent the past 11 years dedicated to fintech, Zaib combines his love of financial technology with his endless pursuit to help millions achieve financial wellness. His diverse professional background includes real estate, construction, defense and space, and most recently—medical sales to fight COVID-19.
Growing up, Zaib witnessed his best friend’s family crumble under the weight of financial challenges and stress. This experience, combined with his father’s successful hedge fund background and his mom’s philanthropic endeavors, is the reason why Stately Credit was created. Today, the company provides safe and affordable salary-linked loans and educational resources to people throughout the United States.
Zaib originally hails from Pakistan and was raised in Hong Kong. He recently made the move from Dubai to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. When he’s not busy finding new ways to help minimize financial stress for Stately Credit clients, Zaib can be found playing poker and chess, coming up with new business ideas, and volunteering alongside his mom.

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