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Financial stress doesn’t just affect your personal life—it impacts your entire life. Take control of your finances with an affordable loan from Stately Credit. Real loans offered by real people who have been where you are and believe in where you want to go.

Affordable Paycheck-Linked Loans from Stately Credit

Loans are paid back through payroll deductions, and are designed to help improve your credit. Say goodbye to worry and hello to financial wellness.

Loans available up to


APR as low as


Loan terms between

6-24 months

We have a loan for every reason

From the outright unexpected to the downright daunting, Stately Credit’s affordable loans are here to get you through whatever life has in store.

Debt Consolidation

Refinance your existing debt into one affordable, responsible loan. Thanks to lower interest rates and repayments made through salary deductions, you’ll simplify your life and reach your financial goals faster.

Home Improvements

Whether you’re ready for the kitchen of your dreams or need repair work done around the house, an employee loan through Stately Credit can help. You can use the loan for whatever you need, without having to borrow money against the value of your house.

Emergency Expenses

Cover any emergency or unexpected expense with confidence. An employee loan from Stately Credit will save you money so you can keep working toward your goals—even when the unexpected occurs.

Big Purchases

Need to make a major purchase, but don’t want to dip into your savings? Qualify for an affordable salary-linked personal loan so you can buy what you need, without breaking the bank.

Medical Bills

You should never put off medical treatment for a serious illness or injury because of your financial situation. A payroll deduction loan can help you weather the storm without putting your financial or physical health in jeopardy.

Work Toward Retirement

More than 50% of Americans dip into their 401(k) account early. Keep your retirement savings goals on track with a responsible salary-linked loan from Stately Credit.

There’s So Much to Love About Our Employee Loans

Finding a personal loan to consolidate your debt or cover an unexpected expense should never come at the expense of your future goals. When your employer partners with Stately Credit, they won’t have to. Why? Because we believe in you, and so do they.

Lower Rates

By linking repayments to your paycheck, we help you pay on time, every time. And we pass on those savings through more affordable rates.

Save Money

Need to cover an unexpected expense? Our payroll deduction loans are an affordable alternative to expensive credit card debt, payday loans, and borrowing against your retirement plan. We can help you save money when you need it most.

Fair & Fast Application Process

By looking beyond credit scores and into each individual’s situation, we’re able to help more people get the financing they need at affordable rates. Loans are approved and funded within 48 hours.

No Prepayment Penalty

To help make loan repayment easy, we offer loan terms between 6-24 months. And if you’re ready to pay off your loan early, go for it! We’ll never charge a prepayment fee

Great Customer Service

Great customer service is at the center of everything we do. When you have questions or need help, pick up the phone and speak to a real person, in real time.

Improve Your Credit

Because repayments are made through automatic salary deductions, you’ll never miss a payment. Improve your credit with complete confidence.

Our Simple Personal Loan Process

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