Apply for a Personal Loan in Minutes

In just four simple steps, you’ll be on your way to achieving the financial wellbeing you deserve.

1. Create a secure account with Stately Credit, and begin filling out an application

2. Make sure your personal information is correct before checking your rate and seeing if you qualify.

3. Have your payroll and bank credentials on hand so we can automatically verify your employment and income information without requiring you to submit any documents.

4. Accept your loan offer, sign a contract, set up automatic payroll deductions, and receive your funds within 48 hours.

Find Out if You Qualify

Maybe you’ve had trouble qualifying for loans in the past. Maybe you’ve never applied for a personal loan, and aren’t sure what to expect. At Stately Credit, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to get out of debt responsibly.

If you’re interested in applying for a payroll deduction loan through Stately Credit, here are the requirements you’ll need to meet:

If you meet the above criteria, good news! You can apply for a payroll deduction loan through Stately Credit right now. Still on the fence? Learn more about how paycheck-linked loans work and whether this type of loan is right for you.

Credit Check

Applying Won’t Impact Your Credit

At Stately Credit, we’re able to approve more borrowers than traditional banks and financial institutions. We use information from your credit report to inform our lending decision and set interest rates. When you initially apply for a loan on our website, we run a ‘soft credit check,’ also known as a ‘soft pull’, which will not impact your credit score.

After completing an application, we’ll let you know our decision within 24 hours.

What We Need to Know

Ready to apply for a paycheck-linked personal loan? Here’s what you should have on-hand before beginning your loan application:

Personal information (name, email, phone, date of birth, address, ssn)

Have your payroll credentials on hand so we can automatically verify you employment

Have bank credentials on hand so we can fund your loan

As soon as you have everything ready, you can begin the secure application process directly on our website.

How Can We Help?

Have questions about Stately Credit or how salary-linked employee loans work? Please review our FAQs or call one of our friendly team members for more information or assistance.