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American Workers are Financially Stressed

of employees spend 12+ working hours each month on personal financial matters
That loss in productivity costs employers big time—to the tune of $250 billion in lost wages every year, nationwide.
of employees say their ability to focus at work is severely impacted by financial stress
That inability to focus leads to major loss in productivity for financially stressed employees, impacting your bottom line.
of employees would change jobs for an employer who cares about their financial wellbeing
Your employees don’t just want a workplace financial wellness program, more than half are demanding one.

The Financial Health of Your Employees Matters

Because when they’re happy, so is your bottom line.
Offer the no-cost workplace benefit that puts you ahead of the competition and helps your employees overcome financial obstacles so they can be more focused, productive, and engaged.
Financially Stressed Workers Affect…

Your Business

Lower Productivity

Absenteeism and lower productivity tied to financial stress is costing more than $1,900 per year, per employee. John Hancock,2019

Higher Turnover

40% of workplace turnover is due to financial stress. Pension consultants inc, 2014

Higher Healthcare Costs

33% of workers have put off medical treatment due to cost in the last 12 months. Gallup, 2019

Their Retirement Plan

Lower Contributions

About half (49%) of workers consider themselves behind schedule when it comes to saving for retirement. John Hancock, 2019

Lower Balances

69% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.

Higher Loans

21% of eligible participants borrow against their 401(k). Employee benefit

of employers offer employees some type of help with financial wellness.

Financial education alone is not enough

Financial education is the most common financial wellness benefit offered by employers—but is it enough?
Studies show that to actually reduce financial stress in the workplace, education must be paired with products and services that empower employees to spend, save, borrow, and plan.

That’s Where We Come In

We partner with you to bring affordable and responsible low-interest personal loan and financial wellness initiatives to your employees so they can minimize financial stress and maximize productivity in the workplace—all at no cost or risk to you.
Finally, a safe and effective way to boost employee retention and productivity. Go ahead and be the hero—in and out of the corner office.

Salary-Linked Employee Loans Can Help

Minimize financial stress in the workplace while maximizing productivity and retention.

Stop 401(k) Leakage

Financial wellness and salary-linked loans provide employees with a more responsible safety net. So when emergencies occur, they don’t resort to raiding their retirement account early.

Improve Retirement Savings

More than half of all Americans dip into their retirement savings early—and those who default lose an average of $300,000. Thanks to employee loans, this happens less often.

Pay Off High Interest Loans

Employees can pay off several high interest loans with one affordable salary-linked loan. Repayments are made through salary deductions, so they’ll never have to worry about missing a payment again.

Help Prevent Bankruptcies

530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year, in large part due to medical bills. Salary-linked loans offer an affordable and responsible alternative to personal bankruptcy declarations.

How it Works

1. Sign Up

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2. Spread the Word

Tell your employees the good news while demonstrating your commitment to their financial wellbeing. We’ll give you everything you need to promote this incredible benefit so you can sit back and be the office hero.

3. Pass on the Savings

Linking repayments to salary deductions means less risk and reduced operational costs for us. For you and your team, it means lower costs and better interest rates.

Why Stately Credit?

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Promote Financial Wellness

Improve their financial wellbeing and boost workplace productivity, all at no cost to you. Offer financial peace of mind through salary-linked loans and financial wellness programs from Stately Credit.

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