Building Credit With Secured Credit Cards: A Helpful Guide

Building credit with secured credit cards. Here's how its done

I have some good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news:  A Federal Reserve study found that thirty-one percent of applicants were denied credit in 2019. The culprit? Low credit scores. The good news? Fixing your credit is easy and some have even managed to raise their score by 277 points within […]

Payroll Deduction Loans: A Helpful Guide

payroll deduction loans guide

Payroll deduction loans can help you save money and avoid predatory lenders. According to a recent survey, less than four out of ten Americans can afford an unexpected $1,000 expense. The problem? The average unexpected expense was around $3,500, and around a third of Americans reported experiencing a financial emergency within the past year. A […]

Should You Take a Salary Advance?

a picture about whether you should take a salary advance

Should you consider a salary advance? After the large spike (14%) in unemployment we saw in April, many Americans continue to stress about job security and income. In a survey conducted last October, 63% of Americans say they have been living paycheck to paycheck since the start of the pandemic, with millennials being hit the […]

How Automatic Bill Payments Can Boost Your Credit Score

how automatic bill payments can help improve your credit score

Payment history is one of the most critical aspects of your credit score, and setting up automatic bill payments can help ensure you never miss a payment.   But is it a good idea? There are benefits and downsides to using automatic payments to cover bills. What are Automatic Bill Payments and Autopay? An automatic […]

11 Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

11 Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

Credit scores play an important part in our financial futures. A great score could help you get flexible loan terms, better insurance, and mortgage rates that could save you thousands. Read on for a complete overview of all the benefits of having a great credit score. It’s Cheaper to Borrow Money When You Qualify for […]