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The Employee Benefit that Goes Beyond.

Offer a no-cost benefit that goes beyond health and dental insurance, beyond retirement savings accounts, and meets your employees where they are now.


Offer the no-cost employee benefit that transforms their lives—and your business.

Reduce workplace stress while increasing the productivity, engagement and retention of your staff by offering an affordable alternative to borrowing from 401k plans, credit cards, and traditional personal loans when faced with an emergency.

Personal Loans

Responsible and affordable loans paid back through monthly salary deductions. At no cost to you, and no outrageous rates or hidden fees for them.

Salary Advance

With affordable and safe payroll advance loans, your employees can access the wages they’ve already earned, ahead of their next paycheck.

Financial Wellness Education

Empower your workforce with educational resources created to help them understand and overcome financial challenges.

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Our Simple Personal Loan Process

A partnership with Stately Credit means providing your hard-working employees with a benefit they can start using today—so they’ll be more productive, attentive, and focused tomorrow. In just three simple steps, your employees will be on their way to achieving the financial wellbeing they deserve.


Here’s How We Can Help You

From the outright unexpected to the downright daunting, Stately Credit’s low-interest employee loans are here to get you through. Why? Because no one should have to sacrifice their future to satisfy the here-and-now.


Secure a personal loan through your employer without the headache, stress, or uncertainty of going through a traditional lender.Stop stressing about finances and start building a future you can finally look forward to. Because in case you haven’t heard it lately—you deserve it.

We Are Stately Credit

And our purpose is to help others achieve theirs through innovative employee benefit solutions that alleviate financial stress, eradicate predatory lending, and maximize workplace productivity. We believe low-interest employee loans and access to financial education has the power to change lives.


After all—happy employees are productive employees. Give them the gift of financial peace of mind and boost workplace productivity in the process.


Because when your workforce is happy, so is your bottom line.

Ready to Learn More?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, discover how Stately Credit can help you go beyond.